Frequently Asked Questions

College of the year

How much does it cost to enter?

Entry is free for college and lecturer categories until January 14th 2022.

When is the entry deadline?

Entries must be submitted by Friday January 14th 2022

What makes a college worthy of the eFIXX College of the Year award?

An eFIXX college of the year award winner is raising the bar of electrical education. Will integrate the wider electrical community as part of the learning environment. Will expand learning beyond the often narrow curriculum. Within the classroom, and workshop has created a fun and engaging learning experience. The college is looking to reflect the diversity in the community and provide a broad choice of options for learners looking for a career within the electrical industry. 

Can I enter a group of colleges?

Each college should be submitted as its own entry.

Will my college be visited during the judging process?

We will attempt to visit all of the shortlisted colleges as part of the judging process.

Will the retention and achievement data be a factor in the judging process?

We are looking for colleges that consistently achieve high standards or have made significant progress from a challenging position.

Will the college and lecturer awards be given to one organisation?
They are separate awards judged separately. Depending upon the quality of the entry, they could be awarded to a single organisation.
If we are a private training provider, can we enter?

In this first year of the awards, we are not accepting applications from private training organisations.

Are there any geographic limitations?

Colleges and lecturers should be based in the United Kingdom.

Lecturer of the year

What makes someone worthy of the eFIXX Lecturer of the Year award?

An eFIXX lecturer of the year winner is someone who significantly contributes to the organisation and is willing to go above and beyond for learners. They may have overcome adversity to fill their current position or may act as a source of inspiration and motivation for colleagues and learners. They may have embraced the latest teaching methods and integrated the rapidly changing electrical world into the learning environment.

Do I need to be a full-time member of staff?

The category is open to part-time members of staff.

Can I apply if I work across multiple colleges or sites?

Yes, but please outline this in your entry.

Can I nominate more than one member of my staff?

You can nominate as many people as you'd like. 

Can I nominate myself?

Yes - However,  we will require references from colleagues, employers, or students as part of the Judging process.