At eFIXX, we are dedicated to recognising and supporting the next generation of electrical professionals; that is exactly what the 30 under 30 aims to do.

An eFIXX 30 under 30 award winner is an individual who has a profound impact on their organisation and consistently exceeds expectations. They excel in their current role and serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for their colleagues, overcoming challenges along the way. These exceptional individuals have successfully addressed business problems, willingly taken on additional responsibilities, and surpassed expectations in their execution. Furthermore, they have implemented changes that have significantly enhanced productivity, delighted customers, and improved profitability within the company. Alternatively, they may dare to take a bold step and start their own business.

Each year, our esteemed panel of judges whittle down hundreds of nominations to find 30 outstanding young electricians who have shown exceptional talent and dedication in their field.

Winners of the 30 under 30 accolade enjoy a multitude of benefits. These include the opportunity to be featured in upcoming eFIXX content, recognition across our social media platforms, exclusive access to networking opportunities, and much more. Receiving a 30 under 30 award is an invaluable asset for propelling careers and new businesses to great heights.

But this is not just about recognition – through the 30 under 30, we aim to create a community of young electricians who can support and learn from each other. We aim to inspire the next generation of electrical professionals and help them reach their full potential.

So whether you are an electrician under 30 looking to showcase your skills and join a thriving community, or if you know someone who deserves to be recognised for their achievements – nominate now for the eFIXX 30 under 30. Together, let's celebrate and elevate the future of the electrical industry.